A Road to New Reality: Successfully Navigating towards The New Normal 

9 June 2022| Bangkok, Thailand, Live Event 

CFOs are on a long journey to recovery and are responsible to make the right investment and continuity decisions and adapt quickly in order to successfully navigate the new reality of uncertainty. 

Integrating Emerging Responsibilities: Shaping the Finance Function for Receptive and Resilient Transformational Journey

22 - 23 June 2022 | Singapore, LIVE Event 

As a key arbiter, the CFO’s role is changing by the day, especially when enterprises are planning for post-pandemic resurgence and continuing ahead with their transformational journey. 


Archived Events


Capitalizing on resurgent demand through optimal financial management and tech integration  

24 - 25  August 2021| Virtual Event 

CFO Innovation Resurgence Forum will bring a plethora of topics at the top of the finance leadership agenda in a -digital platform amid a global pandemic. 

Collaborating to ensure Incremental Enterprise Value Creation: Interfacing the Financial and Technology Functions 

08 – 09 September 2021 | Virtual Event 

The CIO - CFO Interface Summit will bring together financing and information technology leaders on an interactive and multi-tracked virtual platform, to collectively stride through the post-pandemic revival challenges.


Realigning with the New Normal: Critical Decisions for Start, Stop, and Acceleration Plans

16 September 2021| Manila, Live Event 

In the new normal, when costs outpace revenue, CFOs need to re-align their focus on the organizational structure, technology, talent acquisition and process optimization, to meet the end goal.

Towards Integrated Risk Management: Creating a Holistic GRC Strategy for Business Continuity

7 October 2021| Singapore, Live Event 

The expectations from the CFOs, in this difficult situation, have grown more than ever.


Traversing through Uncertainties: Building an Agile Risk Management Portfolio by Optimizing Resources

10-11 November 2021| Hong Kong, Live Event 

2021 has also been marked by a return of volatility triggered by a reappraisal of inflation risk in the US. Hong Kong’s open economy, where free trade is an important foundation of its economic success, is most likely going to be affected.