Exclusive events for Asia’s senior business leaders.

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Exclusive events for Asia's senior business leaders.

Insights, discussion and peer-to-peer networking on important topics in Technology, Healthcare and Hospitality.

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7th CFO Innovation Jakarta Indonesia Forum 12 March 2020 | Jakarta

A potential global recession is looming. Now is the time for Indonesia’s CFOs to fortify their enterprises’ financial credibility by ensuring a strong balance sheet, well-positioned to weather unpredictable economic scenarios. Join the discussion at the 7th CFO Innovation Indonesia Forum to learn best practices and strategies.

2nd CDO Innovation Singapore Summit 19 March 2020 | Singapore

Starting this new decade in 2020, enterprises will actively seek to employ digital tools to create new revenue models and increase efficiency in existing processes. Questex’s CDO Innovation Summit will help C-suite executives gain operational insights and best practices.

2nd CMO Innovation Kuala Lumpur Summit 26 March 2020 | Kuala Lumpur

In an ever-competitive consumer landscape, the distinctive role of CMOs has further expanded in complexity to include sustainable growth of business by achieving highly personalized customer experiences driven by integrating advanced marketing innovation.  

10th CIO Leadership Hong Kong Forum 23 April 2020 | Hong Kong 

CIOs, as custodians of not only an operationally efficient IT, but also increasingly for the enterprise-transforming IT systems, are needed to fast track adoption of relevant technologies cost efficiently. Collaborating with CTOs, Chief Digital Officers and other C-suites including CFOs and CMOs is the way forward for the CIO to achieve the agile adoption.

11th CFO Innovation Asia Forum 20 – 21 May 2020 | Singapore

The 11th CFO Innovation Singapore Forum gathers CFOs from manufacturing, travel and hospitality, logistics, retail, BFSI , telecommunications and more to discuss the evolving role of CFOs as well as current policies, regulation, automation, cyber security, blockchain and more.

Past Events

6th CFO Innovation Philippines Forum 27 June, 2019 | Manila

Amidst uncertain geopolitical conditions, how can they reap the benefits of the country's strong macroeconomic fundamentals, easing inflation, and the continued policy reform drives (e.g. Trabaho) of the current administration, to their advantage?  

5th CFO Innovation Thailand Forum 04 July, 2019 | Bangkok

As exciting times return to Thailand with the much-awaited development of its US$45 billion Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), more FDIs are expected to flow into the Thai economy.  

8th SME Biz-Innovation Summit 11 July, 2019 | Singapore

Innovation is a journey -- it begins with a vision and a commitment plan, followed by people engagement and automated solutions... administration, to their advantage?  

Data & Cloud Tech Summit 25 July, 2019 | Singapore 

The Data & Cloud Tech Summit will capture disruptive trends for enterprises from two core technologies – analytics and cloudification – and will present learnings from various industry leaders who have successfully straddled the integration of data and cloud.  

8th FinTech Innovation Forum Singapore 01 August, 2019 | Singapore

Join over 150 senior FSI leaders and executives to explore the issues that arise when finance and technology merge.  

7th CFO Innovation Shanghai Forum 08 August, 2019 | Shanghai 

The 7th CFO Innovation Shanghai Forum aims to provide CFOs with strategic guidance on what to expect in 2019 and how to best plan and execute on priorities and strategies.  

Total Security Conference Singapore 20 August 2019 | Singapore 

The 9th Total Security Conference Singapore gives enterprises in Singapore a roadmap to improve the agility and efficiency of their cybersecurity infrastructure.  

Hotel Management Singapore Summit 5 September 2019 | Singapore

 Hotel Management Singapore Summit (HMS) will return, as an Innovation Bureau for Singapore-based hoteliers, on 5 September 2019. Featuring case studies and expert insights, HMS 2019 will help hoteliers refine their HR strategies on automations and job redesign, optimize underperforming F&B space, and enhance loyalty programs and deliver guest-centric experiences.

Total Security Conference Kuala Lumpur 1 Oct 2019 | Kuala Lumpur 

Malaysia’s potential economic loss due to cybersecurity incidents could hit a staggering US$12.2 billion according to a recent report by Microsoft and Frost & Sullivan...  

7th CFO Innovation Malaysia Forum 2 Oct 2019 | Kuala Lumpur  

Join finance department leaders from across Malaysia to discuss the evolving role of CFOs as well as current policies, regulation, automation, cyber security, blockchain and more.  

10th CFO Innovation Hong Kong Forum 6-7 Nov 2019 | Hong Kong 

The 10th CFO Innovation Hong Kong Forum gathers CFOs from manufacturing, travel and hospitality, logistics, retail, BFSI , telecommunications and more to discuss the evolving role of CFOs.  

Hotel Management Indonesia Summit 14 November 2019 | Jakarta  

Hotel Management Indonesia Summit (HMI), a neutral one-stop strategy platform, will return to Jakarta on 14 November to directly address all key management, operational, commercial and financial challenges that impact corporate and property P&L. 

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